Hello, there. I’m Carrie.

I’m a graphic designer and the creative director of Braes Design. My job is to bring inspiration and creativity to your visual identity, so that your business pops on the page and stands out on the web.

The best thing about my work is watching my clients get excited. So many people and companies have creative ideas bursting inside them, and it’s a joy to craft my clients’ goals into brand-defining visuals.

I adore creating cool and unusual print work, combining digital and analog techniques. I’ve been known to scan hand-cut linos or hand-painted watercolours into Photoshop for a project in order to make something truly modern and bespoke.

I believe that good designers are constantly observing the shapes, colours and textures in the world around them. Our eyeballs and brains are hoovering up visual interactions, both good and bad, and storing that information away for use later.

Born in Fife, I now reside in Norfolk, home to some of the loveliest coastlines in England.

Looking forward to working with you.